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  1. Separation Agreement (do-it-yourself)
    • Full disclosure and confidentiality
    • Independant legal advice
    • Parenting issues
    • Financial issues
    • Protection issues (personal and property)
    • Common terms in a draft Agreement
    • Boilerplate clauses
  2. Divorce Process (do-it-yourself)
    • Timing
    • Safety and restraining orders
    • Choosing the correct court
    • Preservation of assets
    • Initial documents
    • Interim orders
    • Discovery of testimony and documents
    • Final orders (unopposed, by desk order or summary trial)
  3. Effective Communication
    • When we listen, really listen, to what is being said or felt behind the surface words, we learn.
    • Active listening (attending, acknowledging, empathizing)
    • Taking turns
    • Acceptance
    • Emotional acknowledgement
    • Anger covering fear and pain
    • Frustration and jealousy
    • Grief and loss (shock, denial, anxiety, depression, understanding, forgiveness)
    • Joy and connectedness
    • When we acknowledge our feelings, they can act as guideposts for our direction and protection
  4. Healing After Your Marriage Ends
    • We can wait ages for someone to change, but we can change ourselves when we are ready.
    • When we heal ourselves, we lead the way for those around us to heal themselves.
    • Self-esteem
    • Co-dependency
    • Boundaries and belonging
    • Assertiveness
    • Parenting after separation
    • When we learn to love, honour and respect ourselves, we can set boundaries to protect ourselves from the disrespect and abuse of others.
  5. Circles and Ceremonies
    • In balancing, we begin to recognize that the source of our love is within us - it is our spirit.
    • Balancing body, mind, heart and spirit (feelings, thoughts, words and actions)
    • Medicine wheel (aboriginal teachings)
    • Faith and belief structure
    • Humbleness, gratitude, honour and respect
    • Belonging (all are welcome)
    • Healing circles and sweat lodges

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